Week 5: Manning @ Brady

Sunday's much anticipated match-up of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning was laid to rest with an impressive 'W' for New England. Pats WR Wes Welker scored his first touchdown of the season in the first quarter while Ridley made a career-high 151 yards rushing to include an 8 yard TD run in the 3rd. Brady also showed his determination with a 1 yard "jump" into the endzone.

Despite their barreling momentum, a Ridley fumble left the Pats scoreless in the 4th. The favor was then returned only moments later as the Broncos became nail-bitingly close to a 3 point game. McGahee's fumble left the Broncos defending at the NE 11 yard-line with 3:42 remaining and no time-outs.
Final score 31-21 Patriots.

Ruling on the field: NO PATS 4Q TD
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