Week 6: Seattle's 4th Quarter Rally Rattles NE For The Win

A clash between the NFL's best offense and defense left Patriot Nation in disbelief Sunday. Despite a convincing first 3 quarters, New England made some costly errors that led to their ultimate demise.

Heading into the 4th, the Patriots were up 20-10 with a 46 yard touchdown from Welker, a 1 yard touchdown from Hernandez, and two Gostkowski field goals. Wilson rallied back with a touchdown pass each for Braylon Edwards and Sidney Rice. Tom Brady left regretful of his untimely sack, two interceptions, and two intentional grounding calls that prevented what should have become an insurmountable lead for the Pats. Final Score 24-23 Seahawks.

Ruling on the field: NO PATS 4Q TD
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