Week 8: Patriots Face Rams in Wembley Stadium

First let us apologize for the delay in our recap! Sandy stole our electricity. But not to worry, we've got it back and everyone has now showered.

Sunday's matchup between the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots took place across the pond in lovely London. And boy did the Old England get a New England show.

Chris Givens of the Rams scored an early 50 yard TD pass starting the game off with a bang, but NE's Brandon Lloyd came right back with a 19 yard reception and TD. Following, New England scored on every possession until late in the 3rd Quarter when they made their first punt. 2nd Quarter allowed a Vereen, Gronkowski, and Ridley touchdown each. Lloyd came back for another TD in the 3rd, followed by a Gostkowski FG for 3. And finally, Gronk took it home with a 14 yard reception and touchdown in the fourth. Tom Brady was again the Patriots player of the game with 23/35 completed for 304 yards and 4 touchdowns. Final Score 45-7 Patriots.

Ruling on the field: One Pats 4th Quarter TD!
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