Week 12: New England Fans Have Much to be Thankful For

Whether you're from New England or New York, you can appreciate a good old fashioned rivalry. Well Thanksgiving Thursday's matchup of Patriots at Jets was certainly vindication for the Beantown boys.

Though both teams were scoreless in the first quarter, the board lit up immediately in the second quarter with FIVE Patriots touchdowns, three of them within 52 seconds of play! The game really fell apart for NY fans as they watched quarterback Mark Sanchez blindly run into the backside of his own teammate, fumble, and allow the Patriots to recover it for another 7 points. They even began chanting for an injured Tim Tebow to come in.

Patriots went quiet again through the third quarter allowing a Jets Safety and TD to make the score 35-12. And in the final quarter, NE put up another 2 touchdowns to NY's 1. For NE: Julian Edelman (2 TD), Wes Welker (TD), Shane Vereen (TD), Tom Brady (TD), Steve Gregory (TD), Stevan Ridley (TD), Stephen Gostkowski (7 Extra Points). Final Score 49-19 Patriots.

Ruling on the field: Two Pats 4th Quarter TDs!
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