If you stayed up late again this week with Patriots Nation, you know what we're talking about. New England fans this week are speechless for so many reasons. 

Considering the New England Patriots hadn't seen such a deficit at home since 1998, the San Francisco 49ers 3rd quarter 31-3 lead had everything but put the final nail in the coffin on the game. And the first touchdown in the 49er spree came from, you guessed it, good old Randy Moss.

Gillette Stadium was just clearing out and getting out of the freezing rain when Woodhead made a 6 yard run in for a late 3rd quarter touchdown. The Pats came back in the 4th to add another stunning three touchdowns to make the score an even 31-31. Patriots Nation didn't get to ride the high of that ominous comeback for too long, though. San Francisco utilized some rough ref calls, and responded with another touchdown and field goal for three. Too many turnovers and mistakes on this one, 49ers take it 41-34 in the end and clinch the playoff berth. But what. a. game.



Ruling on the field: Three Pats 4th Quarter TDs! (we were rooting for you on this one, almost got that fourth!)
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