/ Corporate Profile

Established in 1996, Online Data Solutions sought out a greater way to handle IT equipment. Jonathan Gifford, President of ODS, integrated his vision for personal and reliable transactions in order to gain long-standing business relationships. As our customer, you can find confidence in dealing with any of our experienced sales representatives who will take pride in getting you the product you need at the best price possible, every time you call.

Find Your Fibre Here

ODS specializes in fibre channel equipment by Brocade, EMC, McData, QLogic, Emulex, Finisar, and HP/Compaq. We also have background in dealing with a wide variety of products such as data storage, Unix based systems, Wang, Compaq, HP, NetApp, EMC, DEC, Digital, Dell, Samsung, Intel, and Kingston equipment. We have found that the needs of each customer can greatly vary. This is why we take pride in stocking items new and used, however archaic or current.

Small Town Service, Worldwide Reach

ODS started doing business in secondary IT hardware just as the market was changing from a locally limited environment to a globalized melting pot of opportunity. Like many of our industry peers, we have adapted to utilize a website, international broadcasting sites, and other web-based tools, but still, the basic culture of the company has sustained:

"Online Data Solutions has always been a hand-shake operation. Most of the companies that have remained through the years have rightfully evolved to utilize the [web] to their advantage, but still you will find those old-schoolers making phone calls all day, and getting out there and shaking hands. That's the kind of business relationship you can't put a price on. Over the years we have developed invaluable relationships with companies who know they can depend on us to stock, fairly price, quickly ship, and stand behind the product they need."

                                                                                                                                 -Crystal DeAngelo, ODS Sales & Marketing

A Stocking Dealer, Not a Broker

ODS prides itself on having one of the most comprehensive in stock inventories of secondary SAN switches and optical transceivers. We are proud to serve as a "dealer's dealer" in many instances. The beauty in having the product we offer in our own warehouse is not having to wait for anyone to make a deal. We can pull the equipment you need right from our own shelf and ship it to you today. Whatever your requests, ODS is happy to serve them on your infrastructure's as-needed basis.