McData 4700 16 Active Port 4Gb SAN Switch

McData 4700

Used, Fully Tested, 30 Day Warranty

The renowned design superiority of McDATA’s Sphereon switches continues with the Sphereon 4400 and the Sphereon 4700. These 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel switches start at 8 ports and grow to 32 ports with only two switches — offering the highest performance and port density in a 4 Gb/s device. Sphereon Flexport functionality offers you the ability to add ports seamlessly and auto-negotiate 4 G, 2 G and 1 G speed ports for the ultimate in hands-off ease of use and investment protection. And Sphereon accommodates the need for SAN design changes by offering ISL capability on any port. Sphereon is the only fabric switch in the industry that demonstrates such comprehensive flexibility.

For more information, please review the McData 4700 Datasheet (PDF).