NetApp X268A-R5 750GB SATA Drive

NetApp X268A-R5

Used, Fully Tested, 30 Day Warranty

System Compatibility:
F720, F740, F760, F810, F820, F825, F840, F880, FAS940, FAS960, FAS980, FAS250, FAS270, FAS2020, FAS2040, FAS2050, FAS3050, FAS3020, FAS3070, FAS3040, FAS3140, FAS3170, FAS6030, FAS6040, FAS6070, FAS6080, DS14MK2-AT, F700, F800, F900, FAS200, FAS2000, FAS3000, FAS3100, FAS6000, R150, R200, DS14MK2-AT, FAS3210, FAS3240, FAS3270, FAS6210, FAS6240, FAS6280

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