QLogic Silverstorm 24 Port InfiniBand Switch

SilverStorm 9024-FC24-ST1-DDR

These units do not have MGMT and Ethernet port connectivity to the backplane.


Used, 30 Day Warranty

The SilverStorm 9024 is a high performance 24-port InfiniBand® switch that enables the construction of high-speed, low latency computer clusters to power many of today’s business applications such as:

Computer grid/virtualization••
Modeling and simulation••
Clustered database••
Oil and gas reservoir simulation••
Computational fluid dynamics••
Research/computational clustering•

InfiniBand provides significant competitive advantages to companies by enabling reductions in time-to-market and more fine-grained data analysis. There are two 9024 models supporting 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps. They can be used to construct small InfiniBand fabrics, or as an edge or leaf switch in larger fabrics. These multi-tier fabrics can then deliver the productivity and performance metrics demanded by computationally intensive environments, even as fabrics scale to very high node counts.

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